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In the same manner as the columned hall and its artists will map a cosmos of contemporary art, we are correspondingly searching for funders, patrons and donors who, through their undertaking and commitment, wish to implement the power of this idea and produce a lasting testimony to our age.

STOA169 has purposefully been conceived so that the weight of financing may be evenly distributed: every single bit of support, every donation and contribution, through to larger endowments, are welcome.

Please write to us if would like to receive more information – or donate directly here on our website. For each contribution upwards of €200 you will automatically be issued with a receipt confirming your tax-deductible donation.


Every donation helps to realize STOA169

Thanks to numerous donations and the support of the Bavarian Culture Fund, the Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne and the Ulli und Uwe Kai- Foundation, construction of the artist column hall was able to begin in autumn 2019.

However, the complete financing of all construction phases, the production and transport of the columns from all over the world is not yet secured.

Together and with your support, the vision STOA169 will become reality.

Feel free to transfer your donation directly

STOA169 Stiftung
Sparkasse Oberland
IBAN DE12 7035 1030 0032 3776 57
Subject: Donation STOA169 (If you wish a donation receipt, please provide full address)

Become a sponsor 

The concept of sponsorship for STOA169 was designed with the notion that a community of artists, art collectors, promoters and supporters should be fostered through it, who would then go on to create an island of free discourse. Become a part of STOA169.

We are approaching potential patrons with the request of €69.000 per construction of the columns; we are searching for donors willing to support the upkeep and ongoing operation with a one-off subsidy of €16.900. Should you wish to either undertake to sponsor or receive more information, please contact us via telephone or leave your contact details. We will call you back as soon as possible!