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Visitor Information

Admission to STOA169 is free. We look forward to your donation!

STOA169 information brochure on site (5€)
German only, English version will follow soon

STOA169 App in the AppStore (iOS) and on Google Play (free of charge)
German only, English version will follow soon

Guided tours:

STOA169 offers public guided tours on the 1st Sunday of every month. costs € 10 per person.

Individual guided tours: €150 (up to 15 persons, 10€ for each further person)

Curatorial guided tour with Bernd Zimmer: €400

In case you would like to book a tour, please contact nz@stoa169.com


Dogs on leashes can be taken onto the grounds, but must then be tied or wait in front of the hall – inside the hall itself, dogs are not allowed.


Susanne Baumgart
organization, artist support 

Lena von Geyso
project management, artist support

Nina Zimmer
organization, guided tours


Bernd Zimmer
management board, production



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