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The STOA169 Foundation

The charitable STOA169 Foundation is the responsible body and operator of the columned hall. Founded in November 2016, it is held in trust by the Bernd Zimmer Art Foundation.

Together with donors and sponsors, it is in charge of land acquisition for, development, preliminary work and building, as well as the realisation, of the artists’ columns. Bernd Zimmer is the chairperson of the STOA169 Foundation’s eight-member board of trustees.


Board of trustees

Bernd Zimmer (donator and chairman)
Felicitas Betz (vice-chairwoman)
Egbert Appel
Peter Gartiser
Regina Hesselberger-Purrmann
Franziska Leuthäußer
Hanno Wentzler
Pola Zimmer


Financing of STOA169 is shared by donors, sponsors and supporters, and also through subsidies from Kulturfond Bayern. 

In accordance with the underlying philosophy of this artistic project, i.e. the bringing together of various different cultures under one roof for a common goal, its implementation should not be supported by one or more major donors, but rather by a group of individual donors and supporters. Just as the columned hall and its artists will map a cosmos of contemporary art, we are correspondingly searching for funders, patrons and donors who, through their undertaking and commitment, wish to implement the power of this idea and produce a lasting testimony to our age.

We are searching for patrons, donors and supportive friends to aid with STOA169: for a one-off donation of €69,000, private individuals and businesses can become patrons of a column; with a one-off subsidy of €16,900, contributors guarantee the ongoing maintenance and running costs of the project. Notwithstanding, any and all donations from our supporters and friends are most welcome as are, naturally, larger grants and endowments.

As of 23rd November 2016, the STOA169 Foundation is officially recognised by the Garmisch-Partenkirchen Revenue Office as a charitable, non-profit organisation and is thus authorised to issue receipts for tax-deductible donations.

If so desired, funders, patrons and donors can have their names listed on a commemorative plaque in the entrance area. They will also be invited to all key events, such as the ground-breaking ceremony, the opening, artists’ talks as well as guided tours.

The project’s initiator, Bernd Zimmer, and the STOA169 team are available for further information.

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