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Route to STOA169

Google Maps Route

Access via Ammerberg is not possible!
The shortest route is from the Roßlaichbrücke car park. Here you can only park in the parking spaces; please do not park on the road.
Cross parking is possible on the verge along the railway line (please follow the signs).

Visitors with a disabled parking permit may drive up to STOA169 and park in the designated space during the visit.
Please place the permit clearly visible on the dashboard.

Arrival by public transport

By train to Weilheim Obb.
Train from Munich: direction Garmisch-Partenkirchen/Seefeld in Tirol
Bicycle transport is allowed; duration approx. 40 min.

From Weilheim Obb. to Polling (approx. 4km)

By bus from Weilheim to Polling 
Lines 9601, 9651, 9654 and 9656 from Weilheim to Polling. Bus stop: Hofmarkstrasse. From there follow the signs across the church square. The footpath through the village leads through Bahnhofstrasse to the end of the village (railway barrier), duration approx. 25 min.

By bicycle from Polling 
From the church square in Polling follow the signs, duration approx. 14 min.

By taxi from Weilheim to Polling 
Taxi stand at the train station in Weilheim. It is recommended to order a taxi in advance.