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Yorgos Sapountzis

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Yorgos Sapountzis

* 1976 in Athens, Greece lives in Berlin

Yorgos Sapountzis’ multi-media work engages both public and private spaces, often taking as a starting point public monuments and everyday images, objects that represent some aspect of collective and personal memory. At the core of most of his works are sculptural installations using such materials as aluminium sheets and rods, brightly-coloured fabric, pins, ribbons and adhesive tape. From the daily encounter with the materials and objects he comes across in his routes, he reconstructs within the works the scenography of a city. Buildings, machines, bodies – they all generate power and heat; only the fluidity of the memories rescues his personal narrative.

“The closed nervous system of the city with the countless high resolution images is dominant and insistent. Within this inhospitable condition, the abstract precedes as an imperative need”.


Photo © Andreas Lux