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Timur Si-Qin

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Timur Si-Qin

*1984 in Berlin, Germany; lives in New York, USA

Timur Si-Qin is a New York-based artist of German and Mongolian-Chinese descent who grew up in Berlin, Beijing, and in the American Southwest. His interests in contemporary philosophy, the evolution of culture, and the dynamics of cognition, take form in “branded ecosystems“ and installations of 3D printed sculptures, light-boxes, and VR. SiQin’s works seek to think beyond the anthropocentric dualisms at the center of western consciousness. His long term project is the proposal of a secular religion of the future called “New Peace“. Drawing from disparate disciplines like the Evolution of Religion, Marketing Psychology, and Object Oriented Ontology. Si-Qin understands religions as cultural softwares capable of deep behavioral and political intervention. “ ‘New Peace’ is thus a new protocol for the necessary renegotiation of our conceptual and spiritual relationship with the non-human. ‘New Peace’ is an artwork, a brand, a sect, and self propagating memetic machine.“


Photo © Ivan Grianti