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Subodh Gupta

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Subodh Gupta

* 1964 in Kagaul, Bihar, India
lives in New-Delhi, India

Although Subodh Gupta studied painting at the College of Art in Patna between 1983 and 1988, he works today in a very multidisciplinary manner, using sculpture, photography, installation, video and performance, and with numerous found and transformed materials, such as wood, marble or brass. His artistic work uses, as a starting point and a reference, the everyday of India and its socio-economic changes, and translates these specifics into a universal language. Correspondingly, for his extensive installations and large-format sculptures, Gupta frequently utilises everyday objects, e.g. stainless steel cutlery, which reach through societal layers to connect the everyday realities of the city with those of India’s rural population. Reflected in the artistic accumulation of these banal commodities are the economic transformation of his homeland and also the contradictions within Indian society between traditional values and a staunch desire to modernise.

“For me, art is about time. Art has the power to express feelings and ideas; it makes us understand what was not understandable“ (Subodh Gupta, Zoo Magazine, 2011)


Photo © Subodh Gupta