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Rozbeh Asmani

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Rozbeh Asmani

* 1983 in Shiraz, Iran
lives in Cologne, Germany

Rozbeh Asmani deals with the aesthetics of capitalism in many different ways. The workgroup ‘Colourmarks’ shows colours and colour combinations that corporations have registered with the German Patent and Trade Mark Office since 1995 in order to distinguish themselves from their competitors. The consumer world has found its way into collective memory through the advertising use of colours. In the open space of art, Asmani appropriates these colours. Detached from names, logos and products, colours remain mysterious and indefinite. The public representation of the occupied colours is a demonstration of their unavailability. The advertising column project “Colourmarks (V)” was shown from July to October 2019 on more than 200 advertising columns in Düsseldorf’s urban space. Here, colour stamps awarded to individual legal companies were released for general consideration in accordance with a random principle based on billposting. In his art, Asmani deals with what he calls the overly familiar colour and form language of the consumer world. “If it is true that the consumer world steals our childhood, then Asmani is probably our Robin Hood. (Michael Kohler, in: art Magazine, 9/2017)

“If it’s true that the consumer world is stealing our childhood, then Asmani is our Robin Hood.” (Michael Kohler, in: art Magazine, 9/2017)


Photo © David Ertl