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Leo Leander Namislow

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Leo Leander Namislow

* 1983 in Essen, Germany lives in Essen

The trained stonemason Leo Leander Namislow moves freely between the genres of sculpture and painting. Namislow’s visual language has its origins in street art, especially in graffiti art. The spectrum of his pictorial expression is correspondingly extensive. A frequently recurring stylistic device is the outline, which refers not least to his intensive engagement with the history and language of comics. Namislow does not limit himself in his painting, but develops it further and further and quite naturally unites the abstract with the figurative as well as the ornamental with the representational. In his search for new inventions, Namislow’s joy in experimentation knows hardly any limits. New worlds, fantastic stories and seemingly alien languages of form open up to the viewer. If he were not already right in the middle of it, the appropriate label would be: Outsider Artist. Photo © Pascal Bruns