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Lara Mali Lehmann

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Lara Mali Lehmann

* 1999 in Munich, Germany; lives in Munich

Lara Mali Lehmann has been studying at the School for wood sculpture (Schulen für Holz und Gestaltung) in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, since 2019.   Lehmann describes the concept of her column on the theme “Double helix. Human DNA” is described by Lehmann as follows: “The double helix of DNA is two strands that are always intertwined, always in the same proximity as well as the same distance from each other. An order structured by nature, which can, however, also be tangled. “Tangled tangles” is meant to symbolise this complex whirlpool of life. The lianas echo the construct of a double helix. The strands also take up the unfathomable question of our origin, our humanity. Whether scientifically based or merely a question to ourselves about who we are and where we come from. According to biological systematics, humans belong to the ape family. This connection moved me to take two chimpanzees as a symbol for ourselves. In the whirlpool of life, tangles can be “untangled” in the community, or new knots can be woven to clarify the question of our self. The chimpanzees can also make us think of the coexistence of two parts that live in each of us. The natural, fixed part -our DNA- and the free, intangible part -our spirit- which form us individually through inner and outer influences in life. These two are closely connected, but often both work for themselves. It is a stream of tangled unravelling.”  

Photo: Lara Mali Lehmann