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Justine Gaga

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Justine Gaga

* 1974 in Douala, Cameroon
lives in Douala, Cameroon

Justine Gaga works interdisciplinary with different media, ranging from sculpture and installation to painting, performance and video. Her artistic education is characterized by her work in various artist studios and workshops in Cameroon: in the studio Viking Doula with Viking Kamganyang, at Spider in Yaounde with the photographer Pierre Metambou and especially in Art Bakery in Douala with Goddy Leye as her mentor. Gaga does not work in seclusion in her studio, but sees herself as a critical observer of the world that surrounds her. In her works, she deals with social and political questions analyzes the global art system and reflects on her role as a human being and as an artist from her individual perspective- A recurring subject is loneliness, solitude in the masses. The artistic realization changes from figurative to abstract; its often integrated text fragments from poetic to bold. Gaga’s works are shown internationally, in Mali, Senegal, South Africa, Colombia, France, Holland, Germany, and other countries.

“My work is based on the notion of loneliness and related themes such as isolation, exile, immigration, and the frontier and psychological barriers that one could face.”

Photo © Saïd Raïs