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James Gregory Orsto

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James Gregory Orsto

* 1983 in Darwin, Australia lives in Darwin, Australia

James Gregory Orsto is a talented Tiwi emerging artist. Both his personal life and artistic development are entwined in a well known and respected lignage of Tiwi artists: starting with his grand mother, the revered Jean Baptiste Apuatimi and his grand Father Declan Apuatimi; then his acclaimed mother, Maria-Josette Orsto and his father Gregory Orsto. James since a young age has been surrounded by great artists and culture keepers at work, spending endless hours watching them and naturally developing naturally his artistc abilities inspired by the strong cultural practices of the Tiwi people. While to-date only producing Tutinis locally for the important Pukamani Ceremonies, James recently produced 3 of the majestic 25 Tutinis (Pukamani Poles) for the monumental “Parlika Tutini Jilamara” installation on performance for the Tarnanthi Festival at the Art Gallery of South Australia in Adelaide.

www.munupiart.com, Foto © Ben Searcy