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Gina Czarnecki

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Gina Czarnecki

* 1965 Immingham, Great Britain
lives in Liverpool, Great Britain

Gina Czarnecki’s work sits at the intersection of art, design, science and technology and is realised in a diverse and often unconventional range of media. Throughout her career, she has developed her practice experimenting with hybrids of art, cultural innovation, future concepts, experiences and new technologies and through this has instigated projects that reach beyond specialist boundaries. Her expertise is in developing interdisciplinary teams that support the growth of new artworks, initiatives and research. She started her career making animated film and video in the 1980s whilst studying painting. This took her through to moving image, film, video and computer environments and a practice in media installation.  In the last decade, her work extended to using biomedical materials and processes, working with community projects and more recently working on the intersection of product design, engineering and manufacture. She works also as a creative consultant, mentor and  founding Director of “The Koffin Company Ltd.“


Photo and video © Gina Czarnecki