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Gerd Rohling

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Gerd Rohling

* 1948 in Krefeld, Germany
lives in Berlin, Germany

Gerd Rohling is a German painter and found object artist. From 1971 to 1977, he studied at the University of the Arts in Berlin, and in 1979, together with Frank Dornseif, Ter Hell and Reinhard Pods, he founded the Berlin group of artists and self-help gallery commonly known as “1/61”. After his early work was linked with the gestural painting of the Neue Wilde, Rohling turned to found object art in the 1980s. With an ironic-critical gesture, he combines found and everyday objects into colourful sculptures as well as room-filling installations. In addition, he creates numerous works for public spaces that oscillate between sculpture and happening.

“THE SCULPTURE. It must be round, have sharp edges, and necessarily some corners. It should be filled with music, and look at you in such a manner that you turn red.” (Gerd Rohling, 1987)


Photo © Gerd Rohling