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Andrei Loginov

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Andrei Loginov

* 1974 in Minsk, Belarus
lives in Berlin, Germany

Andrei Loginov studied at the Minsk Art Lyceum and at the Duesseldorf Art Academy under Gerhard Merz and Magdalena Jetelová. He worked with numerous different artistic media before finally turning to photographic projects.
The works of his recent series ‚Biosynthetic‘ may well be coined “experimental hybrids”. The lightboxes combine object art and 3D-photography. They display single sculptural forms either created by the artist or “produced” by bees. These floating objects or “Prototypes” refer to the constructivist principles and “Projects of new Art” (prouns) developed by the suprematist and architect El Lissitzky. Andrej Loginov reacts to this impulse, but his essential inspiration derives from electronic music. Its immediate impact resonates from acoustic waves creating a flow of, as Loginov describes it, pure sensations unimpeded by thought. Loginov combines sculpture and photography creating a new dimension of “photogenetic sculpture” transgressing dimensions of material, movement and sensuality as he translates the dimensions of material, movement and perception into the state of transition, a state escaping a clear definition.


Photo © Palina Loginova