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Andreas Angelidakis

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Andreas Angelidakis

* 1968 in Athens, Greece
lives in Athens, Greece

Andreas Angelidakis lives and works in Athens Greece. He describes himself as “an architect who doesn’t build.” Instead he utilizes an artistic voice that switches between the languages of architecture, curating, writing, and the internet. He often speaks about spaces, buildings, and the society that inhabits them. “Like the surrealists’ cadavres exquis, the architectural practice of Andreas Angelidakis is the result of violent collisions combining various contemporary obsessions: climate upheavals, celebrity culture, and the inflation of big data. Following the creation of virtual metropolises in the late 1990s, he constructed wondrous post-modern Merzbau – Babylonian collages to the glory of the digital age – with the help of 3D printers. More recently, his work has revolved around the creation of a forum of exchange and sociability.” (Cruising Pavilion team, Venice Biennale of Architecture,2018)

“Maybe, we just don’t need any more new buildings. Maybe reconfiguring existing ones is enough.“ (Andreas Angelidakis, in: Nicholas Korody, ‚Andreas Angelidakis‘, www.documenta14.de)


Photo © Arthur Pequin