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Jimmie Durham, ‘VOM FLUSS’ – the column has been realized and installed!

Jimmie Durham – ‘VOM FLUSS’

We are delighted that the column by Jimmie Durham (1940-2021) has finally been realised and has been installed in the STOA169 hall. According to Jimmie Durham’s design It has been made from three different types of stone by Frank Lindner, Polling. “Vom Fluss (From the River)”, the title of the work, also symbolizes the nearby river Ammer, whose course is formed from ‘Bahia Azul’.

“when i looked at images of the place it was easy to see that it is in a natural setting so i assumed there would be a river nearby; rivers 
have such hidden complexities and such symbolic meanings for us about change and movement. i thought to echo the river inside the stoa shelter.”
(Jimmie Durham)

'VOM FLUSS' in the STOA169