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‘Columns – Säulen unserer Zeit (Pillars of our time)’

‘Columns – Säulen unserer Zeit (Pillars of our time)’
The six part docu series on the creation of STOA169

After the successful publication STOA169 The Artist Columned Hall, which was published by Hirmer Verlag last autumn, we are very pleased to announce that the six-part documentary series ‘Columns – Säulen unserer Zeit (Columns – Columns of Our Time)’ on the construction of STOA169 has now been completed. 

Eike Fischer (Choreocraft Media) and his team have accompanied the formation of STOA169 from the very beginning. In 52 minutes, the respective episodes tell the story of the creation of the hall and individual columns from all continents. The series follows Bernd Zimmer and his team, as well as selected artists and craftsmen, through the three-year construction process.

The documentary series spans an arc from from the motifs of individual artists, the design of their columns,  the consequences of a worldwide pandemic, to the Hall of Columns as a sign and image of international understanding, democracy and successful globalization. The camera team accompanied creation processes on location and in countries such as Kyrgyzstan, the USA, Ghana, Georgia and Polynesia.

‘Columns – Pillars of Our Time’ will be released on June 20, 2023 on the website www.columns.de. From this day on, the individual episodes, which are unlocked weekly, can be purchased for 3 Euros each. The bundle of all 6 episodes costs a discounted 15 Euros.

For all further information see www.columns.de