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Margaret Baragurra – Kaljarri

Kaljarri is desert country southeast of Bidyadanga, Western Australia. The artwork shows Kaljarri when the country is full of water in the wet season. Kaljarri has a large warla (mud flat) which makes the water go milky after the rains. After the rains there is plenty of mayi (bush tucker) and the country is very beautiful.

“I left this country a long time ago. It is the place of the old people, my mummy and daddy’s place. It is where my brother and sister were born too, and where my old people died. We ate miningali (damper), bingala, warlji (bush tomato), lots of mayi here. There is lots of junbi (tall grass) in the tali (sand dunes) where binya (bush potato) grows. All the jila (living water) belong us. The whole country belongs us.
I been born near this place. Big jila near here. One line this way they go, all along the hill, while the jila going other side. We walked down here, all my family. All the trees go along the tali (sand hills). Plenty dingo, he is proper bush country. Plenty wangali (goanna) too. I not been this way for a long time. Now we been stop at the water, at Bidyadanga.” – Margaret Barargurra