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Siegfried Anzinger’s column

“I see myself as an illustrative painter or a painterly illustrator. My work focuses not so much on the motif itself, but rather on its spatial anchoring. I like to see a fragmented scene set straight. The psychological level is always present – even if it hasn’t been invited. A credible form of presentation lets me feel balanced, even entitled to life itself. I also wish to see it express my gratitude for everything I have seen and occasionally even come to understand. My paintings should reveal my concentration but not my efforts. I work in a personal system of coordinates, and this is for me the most important issue. I always want to know where I am. I always envied the composers for their five-lined staves.
I believe art always has to be a little bit silly and naughty, simply because it really has nothing to do with taste and morals, just as it has hardly anything to do with truth. The political pointing finger calls for nothing less than a middle finger, and all the philosophical mumbo-jumbo deserves nothing more than a fart (and this out of purely humanistic considerations).”

Siegfried Anzinger