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Corona Measures


For artists in Australia, who live in areas far away from the big cities, the corona measures mean constraints, under which the artistic work becomes even more difficult. Three STOA169 columns are created by Fiona Hall (Hobart, Tasmania), Margaret Baragurra (Bidyadanga, Western Australia) and James Gregory Orsto (Darwin, Northern Territory). The island of Tasmania is now completely sealed off, and exit restrictions are in force in the areas of Western Australia and the Northern Territory. There, the artists make a living by selling their traditional art, not least to travellers who are now staying away. The STOA169 team is in contact with the Australian artists and is optimistic that the columns will still be completed. Yet, when the works, that will not be produced Polling, will arrive in Germany is uncertain at this point in time.

The photo shows the artist group of Yulparitja Artists from West Australia, to which Margaret Baragurra belongs. Right: a notice at Munupi Arts Center


Photo below © Short St. Gallery