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Die Kunst liegt in der Natur – Silvia Langen


STOA169 is an art project that only achieves its effect when it can unfold in harmony with nature. The interaction between artwork and landscape is a central idea of initiator Bernd Zimmer. Thus, the STOA169 project does not only follow a trend in the art world to detach the fine arts from the museum space, but also sets a new sign in this dimension by uniting the multitude of artists.

The Munich art historian and author Silvia Langen has for the first time written an overview of “spectacular sculpture parks and art landscapes” in her book “Die Kunst liegt in der Natur”, which we recommend to anyone interested. This is how the expert brings together the idea underlying STOA169:

“In a time like ours, which is characterized by urbanization, industrialization and pollution, the unprecedented, sustained high interest in gardens, nature and ecology is self-explanatory. And so it is only logical to place art in nature. After all, nature itself is an original, perfect work of art that is constantly reinventing itself in ever different facets”.

Silvia Langen, Die Kunst liegt in der Natur. Spektakuläre Skulpturenparks und Kunstlandschaften, Prestel Verlag Munich, 2015


Die Kunst liegt in der Natur