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Exhibition in “Haus der Kunst” with Magdalena Jetelová and Laurie Palmer

Exhibition in “Haus der Kunst” with Laurie Palmer and Magdalena Jetelová

19 July 2019 – At Haus der Kunst in Munich, the “Künstlerverbund” is currently showing its 4th Biennale under the title “The Big Sleep”, at which two female artists who are also represented at STOA169 are also taking part: Magdalena Jetelová and Laurie Palmer. Magdalena Jetelová approaches the theme of the exhibition “The Big Sleep”, which gives space to thoughts and illusions, desires and fears between dream and reality, with an installation made of glass. “The Big Sleep” deals with the search for meaning in our society: What is hidden behind the smooth surface? What happens when we are asleep?

Laurie Palmer’s sculpture “The Hole”, which consists of over 100 years old wood from the primary forests of Wisconsin, was transported to Germany as pallet wood on a container ship following the old raw material routes. In her works, the American artist deals with human intervention in nature, local and global contexts, resource extraction, privatization, and globalization.

During their visit to Munich, the two artists also visited the STOA169 team in Polling.

Magdalena Jetelova: essential is no more visible

photo: Florian Holzherr

Laurie Palmer: The Hole

photo: Florian Holzherr