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Column of the artist Subodh Gupta on the way


The column made for the STOA169 by the artist Subodh Gupta is on its way to Polling!

26 June 2019 – The first column is on its way from India to Polling: The artist Subodh Gupta has finished his column made of stainless steel and bronze in his studio in New Delhi and brought it to Germany. With Gupta, the STOA169 team was able to win one of Asia’s ten most successful artists for the project.

Everyone is excited to see the original of his golden stele, which is reminiscent of the magnificent Hindu temples and could hardly match better with the source of inspiration of the STOA169. After delivery at the beginning of July, it will be well packed and waiting in the warehouse to take its place in the columned hall.

To bring the approx. 60-80 columns, which will be erected in the first construction phase in spring 2020, to Polling unharmed and to erect them on the banks of the river Ammer, is a logistical challenge for the STOA169 team. But the anticipation is growing – with each column delivered, the vision of contemporary artistic ideas from all continents under one roof is getting a little closer!

Subodh Gupta column