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Press release 17 June 2019

International art project unites individually designed columns from all continents under one roof

The Artists’ Column Hall STOA169 is in the realisation phase: Official start of construction in autumn 2019

Polling, 17 June 2019. As an open, freely accessible columned hall, designed by internationally renowned artists, STOA169 will expand the Bavarian cultural landscape starting next spring. On a 35,000 square metre site on the banks of the River Ammer west of the monastery and artists’ village of Polling in Pfaffenwinkel in Upper Bavaria, which the initiator of the project, Bernd Zimmer, acquired as early as 2016, he is realising an idea that has been in existence for 30 years: “The impressive Hindu temples of South India, each one individual in its design, inspired me to create STOA169, which with over 100 participating artists from all continents will also be an archive of the art of our time”.

The non-profit STOA169 Foundation established by Bernd Zimmer as part of the project selected over 100 artists together with an expert jury consisting of museum curators and art historians. Together they support a roof and set an example of solidarity and peace. “In times of great political uncertainty, refugee movements and migration growth, STOA169 stands for peaceful coexistence, international understanding and respect for nature,” says Bernd Zimmer. Conceived as a synergy of art and nature, as a place where art can be experienced with a new and unexpected view without the need for foreign architecture, the location on the river Ammer is part of the concept. The hall location can only be reached on foot, the adjacent areas around the 41 x 41 metre square hall will continue to be used extensively for agricultural purposes, no further buildings will be built. The roof of the 3.90 metre high hall will be greened throughout and will not be visible from a bird’s eye view. In order not to disturb wild animals and birds at night, artificial light sources will be avoided on the entire site. Construction of the foundations will begin in autumn 2019, and the first columns will be erected in spring 2020.

The project is financed by income from the STOA169 Foundation through donations from donators and supporters as well as contributions from the Bavarian Cultural Fund. The building permit has already been granted by the District Office Weilheim-Schongau in 2017.

Details of STOA169 can be found at www.stoa169.com. For further information, interview requests or additional image material, please contact presse@stoa169.com.